Hosting a NodeJs Express Application on Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Updated 2014-09-23 - NVM and Ubuntu 14.04 notes For the past year or so I've been super intrigued by NodeJs. It's a very cool stack, »

Install Mono 3.0.7 from Source on Ubuntu with a Bash Script

Like the other scripts I've posted, this one is meant to be a barebones mono install with the exception of LibGDI, LibGTK, XSP, and ModMono. You »

Blog catch-up - Jan 2013

Wow! It's been awhile! I'll post some updates here soon. Some tech, I've been using since my last post include: MVC 4 (not on Mono yet, »

Install Mono 2.11 from Source on Ubuntu with a Bash Script

NOTE: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and are now current w/ This bash script is more useful when installing parallel Mono, »

Get Started with Amazon EC2, Run Your .NET MVC3 (Razor) Site in the Cloud with Linux Mono

I’ve recently been getting pretty excited about Amazon EC2 once I realized you can setup a micro linux server for free to learn and test »

Running Mono MVC3 Razor and Solving the InvalidOperationException of "The view 'name' or its master was not found"

I’ve been fighting my system the past day or so trying to figure out why all the views in one of my controllers return this »